Dave Lane
Technical tranquilites

We don’t do technical difficulties. We find the best and make it work for you. Which is why we’ve compiled this deadly list of the latest tech we’re implementing on your website. Want your website to look better than your competitor’s? We have so many cool new tools to play with. Which do... [ keep reading ]

Jon Howard
We’re not gonna take it anymore!

Ever try to drive a round peg into a square hole? No, that’s not a good analogy. This is more like shmooshing Play-Doh through a window screen: It starts well, but things quickly gum up, you push too hard and next thing you know, your hand goes through the screen. That’s kind of how we... [ keep reading ]

Erin Molloy
Fallin’ for Wreckhouse

I was introduced to Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues about five years ago when I worked at Choices for Youth and sat on a committee for the fundraising event, Hot Soup, Cool Jazz. I had just returned home from living in Toronto (where I’d made appearances at its jazz festival since the tender age of 15)... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Dc Presents: Designer Wanted

Do you love shapes, layers, and patterns? Are you always trying to make things pretty? Do you complain when you see ugly posters and ads? We like your style. Dc Design House is one of the fastest growing marketing firms in the province and we’re looking for someone to add a little sparkle to... [ keep reading ]