Don-E Coady
Dc Presents: A Fresh Cup Of Cheer

I'm coming through with something fresh that's focused on impact at the grass-roots level. This means a lot to me and hopefully it'll strike a chord with you too! FIRST, A QUICK OVERVIEW For years now, Cup of Cheer has been an annual give-back initiative that has helped good things... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Dc presents: Small Business, Big Impact

Greetings, friendlies — it’s ya boy Dc back up in here. As we move and groove toward the weekend and Small Business Week celebrations wrap up, let’s slow down for a sec to mull a fun fact: A ‘small business’ is defined as any business with less than 100 employees. Think about it. That’s... [ keep reading ]

Sarah Halliday
Dc presents: Shaping the Future of the Funeral Profession

Greetings, friends. I’m up in the spot today with some #RealTalk about a topic that doesn’t get a lot of airplay — but should. It’s about taboos and realities that many of us find scary. Losing loved ones and matters of mortality are weighty topics best approached with a sense of... [ keep reading ]