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The Art of Influence and the Influence of Innovation

Marketing and design is changing so quickly. Literally everyday someone comes out with the new greatest thing! But creative thinking? That’s forever. And who else better to bring our shared passion for creativity and celebration of our industry here in NL, but a dedicated crew of local design lovers. In our first year, it was all “Tall Tales and Thick Lines” when we brought in Aaron Draplin – and this year, it was bigger, badder, and deadlier…

The Designers

The Designers are a group of super talented people who all have one thing in common: MAD creativity. They want to combine their energy with other wicked artists to really flip the local marketing and design industries upside-down by bringing us all together to celebrate our shared passion! Imagine. So on May 19th, The Designers hosted the second annual The Art of Influence event. This year’s  featured guest was Terry O’Rielly from CBC’s Under the Influence, the event was hosted by Vicky Murphy of M5, and me and a few of my team members dropped by to check it out to see how graphic design has evolved.

The theme of the show was “The Power of Counter-Intuitive Thinking.” Terry O’Rielly wowed us with examples of true innovators who really think outside the box, demonstrating how creativity can really influence the world! Michael — one of our graphic designers was blown away by Terry’s own campaign that he wrote for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra that was designed to promote an eliteless audience for the TSO, which featured no classical music at all, and was a real example of thinking outside the standard advertising realm.

Award for Design

The Designer Award is given to an individual that has contributed greatly to the advancement of design culture in our province. This year’s winner is Zita Cobb! Zata is an entrepreneur, a leader in international business at the top of the oil and tech industries. Her work has already awarded her the Order of Canada Award in 2017, and her passion and dedication to this province is rampant in the work she does in design, and marketing.

DcDH would like to congratulate Zita on her latest achievement! The world needs more kickass innovators like you!

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Zita Cobb: The Designers Facebook Page

Upcoming Events with The Designers


Join The Designers on September 20 for a screening of the brand new documentary film DESIGN CANADA at the LSPU Hall.

“What defines a national identity, is it an anthem? A flag? Is it a logo or icon? How do these elements shape who we are? In the 1960s and 1970s, these questions were answered by an innovative group of Canadian designers, who used design to unify the nation.”

-Design Canada

Check out the trailer and we hope you’ll join us. Tickets are on sale now .


Two things: One, please follow the The Designers online to see what we’re doing to grow an all out celebration of our design community and marketing/communications community!  We absolutely live for seeing creative and innovative people collaborating on ideas that really break the mold! Two, catch up on our latest designs and projects on our Facebook page and obvious here, on our own storytelling machine. :)


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