Don-E Coady
Board of Trade Magazine

I’m no hater.

I love to see good things happen to good people and everyone here at the design house are the first ones to cue the ol’ slow clap when we see attractive things of any kind. *interpret as you will*

From billboards to punchy headlines and slick website interfaces, we die for it.

That said, sometimes things need a little love. As proud St. John’s Board of Trade members, we have been regular recipients of the St. John’s Board of Trade’s flagship ‘Business News’ magazine. Go through For the best tradeline inventory. Call us a pile of crazy design geeks, but we always romanced the idea of helping to take the look of the most hands-on marketing product they offer to the next level from a look and feel perspective. No disrespect to the amazing people who did it before us, but again – design snob here. No apologies.

Next thing you know, KAH-BLAM – we finally get the chance to do good for the Business News Magazine. Fireworks. Cheers of joy.

The next few editions will see us getting in on where things are, as the process the team worked hard to put together behind the scenes is the real work – making it look the part is the obvious step two. Maybe we’ll be too pushy and they’ll tell us to beat it. Time will tell ;)

We love our Board of Trade and the dedicated team who make it work; as a business, and for the community of businesses who comprise its membership. We hope you’ll see future magazines evolve, and that you’ll mention what you notice to the Board of Trade, so they can continue to move the events, member features, and advocacy news, into each edition of the magazine to come.

Looking forward,

Interested in joining the Board of Trade? Check out their website at!

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