Jacelle Blagdon
The Story of a Girl, Her Car, and a Commercial

Part One

My first car was a Saturn On (the ‘I’ had fallen off years ago). I had great times in Ol’ Betsy, but when she was leaking $50 of gas in eight hours, and making noises like a dying cat, it was time to move on. Where do you go when it’s time to invest in a shiny new one?

Denise instantly recommended City Honda. She said she’d never met a better bunch of people and she’ll forever be a City Honda customer. On a beautiful summer evening, as my husband and I headed to City Honda, we predictably broke down along the way.

We were greeted by friendly staff and were introduced to Vanessa and the Honda Civic Ex 2014.

Half an hour later we rolled off the lot in our brand new car.
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Its was perfect. It has a back-up camera!

Vanessa and Tony helped us every step of the way in the purchase of our new car, affectionately known as Black Betty. We are most definitely #HappyCustomers.

Part Two

It started with preparing for a meeting. We were presenting a TV commercial storyboards to City Honda’s management. The ad would be called Why Choose Honda and Denise asked, “Do you mind if we approach this with you as the customer in the commercial?”

Why not!?

While discussing the storyboards, I read the script as Dc described our vision. It needed to perfectly convey the message City Honda was sending out: Cars you can count on, from PEOPLE you can depend on.

After my experience with City Honda, it was easy to talk about how the entire staff are so passionate about what they do. I really believe that at the end of the day the most important thing to the City Honda staff, is that their customer drives away in the perfect car.

It didn’t take much convincing to cast me as the girl in the ad who loves her new Honda!

Have you been to City Honda’s new location yet? They have a huge drive-through bay in the service department. The delivery bay, where they prep the shiny new cars for delivery, was our stage.

Chris Crockwell Photography set the backdrops and lights and rocked the shoot; Skye Tostowaryk Make-up made us all pop on screen; and Dc Design House directed us all; all with a melody that made me happy and want to bop around. Success!

City Honda Tidbit: Look closely, you’ll notice the real Vanessa makes an appearance!

From there it seemed like magic and now we have the Why Choose Honda commercial.

Have you seen it?

We’re so proud of this work and thrilled to work with clients who care about their customers as much as we do and share our vision.

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And if you think we should be creating your next TV commercial, get in touch with us!

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