Don-E Coady
Dc Presents: a Cup of Cheer

We love our clients. But as the wine and chocolates pile up on our desks, we wonder how meaningful the wine and chocolates we were planning to give would stack up. It’s the season for giving, and we get it, but last year we decided to get creative. Imagine.

The Dc Cup of Cheer was born.

Here’s how it worked:

We gave our clients the option to vote for one of six of our favourite causes, which need a hand to Brand Better and some recognition along the way.

Each cause was profiled on our landing page. When the votes were tallied, one was selected to receive an idea and campaign from our team.

Lending our support to a group who is already doing good things for our community, in hopes of helping them to do better, is a gift everyone can share.

Here’s the video from last Christmas Eve where we announced the cause our clients voted for:

The Sarah Turpin Foundation, then Sarah’s Kids, was selected. We worked with them on a few ideas before moving ahead with the next wave of their Christmas Card Campaign. From web to social, to production and the promotion details, we made it happen with our partner at Gallery24. So happy with how it went.

So who’s it gonna be this year?

For your viewing pleasure, here are the six local causes that our clients will be voting for:
1. Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John’s

2. Young Adult Cancer Canada

3. Bridges to Hope

4. Single Parent Association of NL

5. Choices for Youth

6. R.E.A.L. Program

Beyond anything we can think of, we know this is the season to give back and to say thank you, and our Cup of Cheer runneth over up in here.

From the team at Dc Design House, here’s hoping you make the most of the remainder of this year! As always, we’re Looking Forward to creating success for many of you in 2016!



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