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Cursing and Cancer

Full disclosure: we’re no strangers to ‘language.’ That’s a nice way of inferring that there are a few of our team with tongues on ‘em. We still love them though. One place where we try to not swear is in our work. Cusses tend to come off as obnoxious and can certainly offend – especially in the mass market. Worse: they can definitely overshadow otherwise clever content.

Saucy Superlatives

Meanwhile, the never-saucy, always-evolving team over at Young Adult Cancer Canada had big news – a survey that, through powerful partnership, will go on to be the largest young adult cancer survey ever, where the data – which is sure to surprise – will be aimed at increased information so they can help more and more young adults stay connected and supported during and after cancer receiving Home Care Assistance.

NOTE: they do not give the money to research. They literally bring the young adults together, support them via distance, and help connect a national community (to each other, and to life itself) like nobody else does for our young adults who are in the prime of their lives!!!

Enter the Prime Study. Enter us asking our community what they had to say about the state of affairs. Their answer?

I’m sick of this sh*t!

There’s never been any research done about people in their teens, 20s or 30s in Canada. Young Adult Cancer Canada and researchers at Memorial University came together to question young people with cancer and find out how it affects their lives – from finances to romances.

Can you imagine not swearing when you discover you have stage four cancer at the age of 22? Or not expressing your frustration loudly when you have to explain you can’t go back to work the day after a chemo treatment? Us neither.


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Sorry not Sorry

So there you have it, a little word-up about the sh*t we get away with around here. But only if it’s warranted – and let me tell ya, when I think of the incredible people I know and love who have had to cope with cancer in the prime of their lives, let’s just say I’m biting my lip here. So thanks, YACC, you’ve got their backs.

NOTE: Please tell any young adult cancer survivor in your world about this blog so they can take the survey and help us learn more about what’s really at stake.

Looking Forward,


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