Vote Dave Lane Campaign

When Dave said, “Dude, I think I’m gonna do it – I’m gonna run for council!” I said: “Cool, pass me a beer, wouldja?” 

Obvy, it was no surprise to us. I mean, he’s only the man behind ‘Happy City’ – our much loved grass-roots municipal engagement forum, as well as community guy and all around man with a plan. Don’t tell me you never saw it coming.

When the time came to bring Dave to the street, we took cues from international campaigns we loved and made it all very Davey, from posters brochures business cards and website to videos radio buttons and the many many signs that we helped to bang into the ground. #noteasy

Creating success for this campaign was a mega exciting ride for our team, as massive skill and time dedication from Public Relations specialist Laura Barron and Campaign Managers Josh Taylor and Luke Callanan really made it possible for the creative and it’s well crafted content to connect with our city-wide voters.

We’re not looking forward to what Dave’s gonna do for our city – we’re looking forward to seeing Dave do more of what Dave was already doing.

Congrats, councillor.

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