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Dc Presents: A Fresh Cup Of Cheer

I’m coming through with something fresh that’s focused on impact at the grass-roots level. This means a lot to me and hopefully it’ll strike a chord with you too!


For years now, Cup of Cheer has been an annual give-back initiative that has helped pokies online payid good things happen! Cups and mugs would fly around the city, filled with fun and the ask to vote on one of several local causes who’d get some much needed creative care. Many incredible organizations have used our help to help others and that makes us feel good.


It’s Mental is a grassroots mental health organization I co-founded with Juno award-winning singer-songwriter Amelia Curran several years ago with help from many amazing people along the way.

Before Clara’s Big Ride and Bell Let’s Talk, it was Amelia – speaking out and raisin’ hell over the lack of awareness, education, and support around the then very shrouded subject of mental health. You may recall this viral sensation made by Amelia and Roger Maunder from Upskydown Films. This video triggered a powerful journey.


For It’s Mental, our ‘why’ – is clear: By educating each other, we can better support each other. And so we do. We fundraise so folks can become certified Trainers of Mental Health First Aid, but also to participate in Mental Health First Aid Training from the generous donations we receive.

Know the amazing Alison Butler? She’s our first certified trainer. With our help, she went off-Island (imagine) for the certification program. Now, she is able to certify folks in Mental Health First Aid herself – a two-day course, here at home – in person, and virtually too.


I have decided to personally fund 25 people to receive Mental Health First Aid Training. Maybe you’d like this certification for yourself, or maybe you want a coworker, employee, or special person in your life to benefit from this certification.

It’s a new year, with a fresh cup of cheer. I’m looking forward to helping some good people receive their Mental Health First Aid Training Certification. Here you can also learn about some easy payroll solutions.

Click below and nominate a deserving person you’d like most to receive this certification! Notification date will be April 1.

Check out some of our previous Cup of Cheer campaigns here!

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