Steve Ryan
Dc Presents: How We Give Together to Get A Lot!

Rotary Club,

Hey gang, it’s Dc here to chat about the Rotary Club of St. John’s Northwest’s 2019 Give Together Dinner and Auction coming up on Saturday, April 6th! This year’s event is in support of the Stella’s Circle Clean Start Initiative and we think y’all need to be involved. Our Project Lead, Steven is here with the 411 on how we worked with Rotary again this year to hatch and dispatch this #givetogether. It’s all you, Stevie Wonderzz!

Makin’ it work

Thanks, Dc. Our work on building a better brand AND designing the digital footprint for this event was driven by passion and purpose — check out the event poster we made:

Let’s spend the night together

This year’s event features a dinner, auction, live local entertainment and dancing to get folks in the mood to open their hearts and pocketbooks to help Stella’s Circle help at-risk adults in our city access meaningful employment. Take a peek at the social graphics we made to thank the many sponsors that help make a difference:

You said it, Steve. What’s better than helping make our city and province kinder, gentler, more wonderful places to be? We’re all about building community and celebrating our people, our place and our team.

Wanna dance with the Dc fam? Hit me up for hangs, chats and #deadliness at . Let’s make it happen.

Looking forward,


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