Mel Doyle
Dc Presents: Spring Training

Our spring training had no practice games, no real skills or drills, and — well — nothing at all to do with the MLB or any other sports league. Sawrryyyy… But what our spring training day did have was a whole lot of passion, team learning and loving, and continuing education to boot. Resident apple-on-her-desk-teacher, Mel, is going to fill you in on our team takeaways from the day!

Lessons of the day

Well, there’s not actually an apple on my desk, but I do moonlight as an English professor in my “spare time,” so I was super excited that the whole DcDH gang was able to take a day out of our production schedule (away from email and everything!) to boost our collective knowledge. We can never stop learning, and we can never know too much!

Each department — development, design, copy, and management — got to pick a topic adjacent to their subject matter expertise and spend 30 minutes schoolin’ the rest of the group. We all came away not only knowing more, but also better understanding what our peers go through day-to-day.

D&D by Dc Design House

Developers Mo and Jon brought the team through how to manage expectations in the world of web development and the ins-and-outs of why React is taking the web dev world by storm — talk about technical information!

Sean, our senior graphic designer, shared one of his big passions with us: UI/UX! He’s spent a ton of time honing this area of expertise, and it was great to hear how this always-important industry feeds his design style, especially in the world of web. And not to be outdone, designer Michael got us all up to speed on the intricacies of working with video. It’s safe to say we all learned a lot from his presentation on “The Anatomy of a Youtube Video.

Copy and collaboration

The project management team — Sarah, Vicky, Theresa, and Stacie — led the team through a talk on “The Day in the Life of a PM.” They shared insights on their moments of struggle and their moments of celebration, things we can all relate to.

And finally, little ol’ me (the only DcDH copywriter at the time) gave a spiel on writing concisely. I won’t dilute my point by saying more about it.   ;)

The final grade

Every member of the team came away feeling accomplished and heard, like they were the expert in their chosen field. And we all got to learn about each other, our departments, and our collective goals. I mean, after all, we’re all working toward the same cause — branding better for our clients, our people, and our place.

Couldn’t have said it better! In my own constant work to learn and level up — in biz, in leadership, in you name it — I’ve really been shown the value of taking these moments or days in time to build that knowledge and brain trust together. And we’re still flying high on the great work we did last month!


Wanna build brain trust with us? Wanna get in on those professional development vibes? Reach out!


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