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Spreading the Word About Downtown Parking

We here at Dc Design House are major fans of the downtown. The shops, restaurants, bars, offices, and little parks make for an amazing place. But… downtown parking? What a pain! Until now, that is.

Downtown St. John’s, also known as the DDC or our city’s only official Business Improvement Area, is an organization that represents the businesses in our downtown core. And for good reason: our downtown is in many ways the heart of our city.

Because of its densely packed network of things to see and do, downtown parking is in major demand and for many has become a frustration. Not only do drivers get annoyed when looking for a free parking space, local businesses miss out on sales opportunities when drivers skip the meters and drive to “da mall” in search of better parking.

But here’s the thing: Downtown St. John’s and City Hall have recognized the increased demand on parking downtown and many new spaces have been added in the form of parking garages and parking lots. Over 500 spaces, to be exact.

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All these new spaces should mean fewer frustrated folks and calmer, cooler commuters. Right? Well, not if they don’t know about the places to park! So Downtown St. John’s and Dc teamed up to help spread the word.

We’ve created a card to communicate far and wide where and when you can park downtown, and how much it will cost (sometimes it’s free!). So take a gander at the map, check out the new (dry! warm! pretty!) parking garages, and get downtown to do some shopping and have some fun!

Downtown St. John's Parking Map | DcDesignHouse.ca
Click the image above to go to the Downtown St. John’s website for more information on downtown parking options!

Do you park downtown?

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