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#TRENDING – Fall Edition 2015

The fall is quickly approaching, and the world is getting ready for a transition. You could be in the corporate world about to roll into Q3, or a fashion designer waiting to hear about the hot new fall colours. In short — seasonal trends are everywhere, including the wonderful world of design. We tend to sway faster than some other industries, but you know, artistic folks, eh?

2015 Fall Design Trends |

Falling into place with stacked type

Stacked type is making a big impact this year with more and more major brands adopting the style. You gotta admit that the stacked type approach has a much more reserved and elegant look to it. I personally love this trend, and while it’s not applicable for every situation, it’s definitely an avenue we’d love to explore with possible future branding. *wink*


2015 Fall Design Trends |

Singing my “tone”

Monotone and duotone images have begun to peak over the past couple months. Brands are adopting this technique to create full coverage backgrounds that include their brand colours. These techniques just make me giddy. It would often be used as the main landing area of a website — think a big colour-branded image with a knocked-out brand signature placed in the middle. Yummy :)

2015 Fall Design Trends |

Wow, double exposure… what does it mean?

Double exposure photography (two photos merged into one) is making a huge splash in the photography/design world. Designers are embracing this style of image for its very interesting and surreal look. I personally haven’t worked much with this type of imagery but I am certainly itching to try. Air Canada has already used this technique in much of their online and print marketing for this year.

2015 Fall Design Trends |

All of the polygons

Do you remember the geo-wire trend of last year? We certainly do and so does the rest of the design world. Basically, geo-wire was a common aesthetic used for supporting brand elements. This year we are seeing this technique work its way into actual brands.

2015 Fall Design Trends |

Be Negative

The proper use of negative space has always been a staple in good design. Over the past year we have seen more and more examples of it. Websites are going much cleaner. Big text, big visuals, allowing for ample negative space in the design. As a minimalist designer, this is a welcome development indeed! They always say… less is more ;)

On that note…

There are more trends on their way out and new ones on their way in. We try and stay ahead of the curve here. While not every style has it’s place within the realm of every brand, each of these trends could lend a little something-something on certain occasions!

Want to talk more about trends and how they can be applied to your brand? Call Denise or give us a shout.

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