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Happy Thanksgiving

U@? ‘Tis the season of turkeys, “gourds” (what’s that word even about tho? haha), and Mom’s blueberry duff (ok, mom never made “duff” – sounds deadly tho). What a time to be thankful! And I really mean it — these past few months have gone over and above my grateful quota in ways I can barely wrap my head around.

From the deadly team members who’ve joined the DcDH fam since last October, to kicking off brand new client-promoting projects like Out of the Fog, I gotta ask, what did this fella do right to have so much thanks to give?

#blessed (and other overused tags of 2017)

Now, it’s not just me … the whole team has a lot to be thankful for (and the list goes beyond our incredible clients and partners!)

Family love

Friends and famjamily of course top the list for most people. Nicole, our copywriter turned digi-queen, is giving thanks for the deadly people close to her, especially her “beautiful, messy, loud, hilarious children.” Our studio manager Darrell is thankful for his little family, and likewise, after experiencing personal health issues and a house flood (which we know a little something about), Sarah believes that friends and family are everything she needs!

And we’re allll thankful for our Dc family! One of web developers Mo is especially thankful to be part of a team that not only cares about what they do, but also gets along so well.

The little thangs

Fall is a good time to slow down and reflect on life’s small pleasures, too. After a rough September, Theresa is thankful for her cat, Dolly, and to have survived Hurricane Irma. Not unrelated, Stacie is thankful for our beautiful and safe island in the Atlantic (and her cat Blue)!

Jon, one of our web developers and often the first to reach Dc HQ each day, is thankful for early morning solitude and late night hangs. Brian, our accountant from New Leaf Business Services longs for such simplicity, but is nevertheless thankful that his life “may one day become less overwhelming.” And what would Thanksgiving be if no one was thankful for TURKEY (right, Sean)?

New kids on the block

Sarah’s one of our newest teammates, and boy are we thankful for that girl. Hard laughs and a major thirst for killin’ it! But she’s also thankful for joining the Dc team because she’s met amazing people whom she’s “happy to work with and call friends!” Michael, who you might remember from intern fame, is thankful to spend every day doing something he loves with like minded people. And our newest copywriter, Mel, is thankful for office plants and, in true Dc fashion, cake selfies. #cakecapital

All in all, I think our St. Brides babe Vicky says it best: “I’m thankful for all the deadly stuff I get to look forward to in life!” Couldn’t agree more, girl!

I’m gettin’ all misty up in here. Can’t even handle it. From our famjam to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! Want something extra special to mention around the table next year? Reach out and see how working with us can give your company even more to be thankful for! (Sorry, had to ;)

Looking forward,

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