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Dc Presents:  Home Heating Brand Refresh

Brand Refresh , One of Our Warmest Friends

It’s heating up in hurr! Temps have already started to drop, but we’re over here warmin’ up with our warmest friends at SD plumbing. They wanted a brand refresh that respects their years of service and we were all over it like a soft, fuzzy blanket. Find out what we did to cozy up this brand and why working with them has us pumped. (See what I did there?)

Branding Better

At Dc we’re all about branding better, it’s our promise to bring all types of heating systems such as the tankless water heater that is growing in popularity nowadays, we invite you to check out our website and get the very best for your home.

We dove into the branding process head first and started going off in so many directions.
Logo options

It was exciting and a ton of fun. We wanted to be strong but friendly, we needed it to be current, but feel timeless, to convey a sense of family, and really embrace the warmest friends concept. We succeeded.

Making it a part of St. John’s

What says St. John’s more than row houses and Signal Hill? Nothing. Obviously.

To keep to the warm and inviting nature, ask to your Commercial concrete contractor to build a terrace, a place where you still deal with local owners and operators (even on the phone), we wanted to create an illustrated style.

Delivering Quality

And that’s how we roll! Just because a brand is a household name or steeped in the history of a community, doesn’t mean they lose recognition when they refresh their brand. Adding personal touches, highlighting the hometown love, and sticking with a trusted name equals a brilliant brand!

If you’re established and want a refresh, or if you’re new to the business world, we can create a logo and brand that tells your story. 

Looking forward,

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