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Are you a leader? A quick talkin’, sharp-shootin’, multi-tasker? Generally, someone who loves the chance to learn new moves and make clients really happy? Good. ’Cause the Dc team is a high-performance, tour-da-force and only the most on-point, up-and-comers will do!

Project Co-ordinator; Client connector, team leader and detail dictator

When you’re in the middle of awesome clients and creative ideas, there’s never a dull moment. If you can co-ordinate and assist, lead and suggest, strategize and be proactive with our clients, project managers and creative team … you may be the one we’re looking for!

You’ll be an important cog in the ever spinning wheel that is our DC Design House life, working with everyone and doing a little of everything. You can take the lead, but follow when necessary. And, you have ideas that make us go “hmmmmmmmm!” If you’re all this (and a bag of #stormchips) then check out the specifics below and get in touch!

Project Co-ordinator

The goal of the Project Co-ordinator is to assist the Project Managers (PMs) in scheduling, planning and running the details of projects; taking the lead where necessary and appropriate as directed by the PMs. The Project Co-ordinator’s assistance will enable PMs more time to strategize for clients and create opportunities for proactive planning and scheduling.

The Project Co-ordinator will communicate directly with the client, as directed by the PMs, in an effort to obtain necessary project details, always including the PMs on all client correspondence.

Specific duties:

  • Assist Project Managers in moving projects forward and getting them completed
  • A point of contact for clients once a project is underway
  • Gather information, schedule and attend client meetings, and capture notes
  • Think proactively for clients and seek ways to add value to the client-agency relationship
  • Present Project Managers with relevant client ideas
  • Manage and create marketing strategies
  • Prepare account service-related documents such as meeting agendas, reports, and other client communications and correspondence
  • Provide other administrative support to accounts team
  • Create touch points with each client to maximize the client relationship
  • Co-ordinate Dc internal projects

Looking forward…to your resume!

Dc Design House is a fun and creative place to work with lots of benefits including group health insurance, a deadly team environment, and great opportunities to learn and grow. If you’d like to apply, or get more details and a detailed job description, you can get in touch with Jacelle Blagdon at jacelle@dcdesignhouse.ca. Want to learn more about what we do? Click here!

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