Home Share’s Think Home Share Campaign

Memorial U, The City of St. John’s, The Seniors Resource Center and a host of community partners all realized that we needed to bridge the gap between student and senior struggles on the home front.

The idea of breaking stereotypes makes my day. A photoshoot was arranged depicting a student as older and conservative, with our 50+conveying a savvy and hip expression would be our art. Our “He’s quite the knitter; she’s on the twitter” copy was the finishing move.

Years ago, I learned about ‘errors’ and their place in marketing. Long-story-short: in a world of increasing competition for attention, a conflict in the sight or sound of any art and copy expression makes the average person look and think twice – once that happens? They’re yours. Well, until they snap out of it and carry on – luckily they’ll see you again, in different places, based on a worth-while investment in  the palcement of your related to-market materials. But that’s another story.

Our Home Share campaign was seen in ads, TV, radio, brochures, socialmedia, Search Engine Marketing, website banners, and direct mail.

Thank you to Andrew, Shari and all the partners that chose us to bring Home Share to life!

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