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Jiffy: The First in Safety and Service

How does it feel to be first?


Real nice.


Just ask Chris Hollett from St. John’s historic cab company, Jiffy Cabs.

For a long time now, Jiffy’s dedicated team has been quietly installing and testing valuable technology in all of their vehicles: GPS location tracking and monitoring. This technology contains countless benefits for valued customers and drivers alike.

Collaboration Love

The company supplying the technology is none other than SkyHawk Telematics. Mark Gillingham of SkyHawk is proud to partner with St. John’s oldest and largest cab company to be first-to-market with this exciting and important advancement in how Jiffy can better serve and protect our city.

Chris, owner of Jiffy, had more to say when we asked him about how it felt to be the leader in providing such an important technology to St John’s commuting residents.

“It’s incredible to be the first to give our loyal customers something they can truly value amongst the countless things we do as a top-rated company in our field.”

Personally, I know that you, Jiffy customers, will now never worry about your safety or the reliability of your driver when you hop in a cab. Never again will you wonder where your taxi is going, or how long they’ll take to get you where you need to be. This first-to-market app technology will give you the confidence that Jiffy Cabs are truly are on the way.

Thanks to their leading partnership with SkyHawk, our friends at Jiffy are already seeing the positive impact:

  • Enhanced safety and reduced vehicle incidents.

  • Improved vehicle dispatch.

  • Operational cost improvement.

  • Reduction in fuel and CO2 emissions.

For these reasons, and so so many more, I’m proud that two of our clients are working together to be the first to provide such important care and technology to people in our community.

Thank you Jiffy and SkyHawk, for continuing to blaze the trail and raise the bar of quality and service.

To anyone out there reading this love note, take note: Other companies may try to copy the unique things Jiffy are doing. But we all know who the market leader is and what they stand for. That’s why we’re proud to work with Jiffy, SkyHawk, and every company that shares our community values.

Looking forward to your next ride in a Jiffy!




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