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National Cake Day at #CakeCapital

From last year’s Cup of Cheer and staff birthdays, to basically every single holiday (and the occasional spontaneous Friday), you all know that we LOVE the cake. Chocolate, vanilla, with sprinkles, without, from a box or made from scratch, purple, green, yellow frosting — you name it, we’ll eat it.

So when red-velvet-lovin’ Nicole told the team that November 26 was National Cake Day, we knew it was time to get baking!

National Cake Day

To recognize this most delicious of holidays, we took some time out of an otherwise very “Monday” Monday to celebrate in style (and the only way we know how) — with cake!



Now for those of you who don’t already know, cake is kind of a big deal ‘round these parts. If you follow the Dc team on social media (and if you’re not, you should be!), you’ve seen cakes galore over the past eight years. We’re in fact known as the #cakecapital — and for good reason!

Hit instagram and search “#cakecapital” – you’ll be happy/scared you did. ;)

If our cake fandom is unfamiliar, you can also have a browse through the blog and you’re sure to be droolin’ over all that buttercream frosting. (My personal fave is Jacelle’s “welcome back” cake!)

How’d you celebrate National Cake Day? Post and tag us in your favourite cakes; we’d love to see them! And don’t forget to follow this #cakecapital @dcdesignhouse, or reach out to get in on the celebration!

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