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Now’s the time to Get Growing!

Tomatoes, petunias, zucchinis, oh my!

It’s no secret that I LOVE gardening and farming, so when the opportunity arose to re-brand a company, who for the past 85 years has been selling quality seeds, soil, and supplies, I jumped on that account quicker than you can say “Mimosa Pudica” (My favourite plant – I was delighted to find out that its seeds are available at their store!).

Seriously, how cool is that?
Seriously, how cool is that?

It’s an interesting story – Peter Byrne (Great Grandson of E.W. Gaze, the store’s founder) and his business partner brought the company back into the family in December 2014. They’ve taken on the goal of bringing it back to its roots with a renewed commitment to excellent customer service and superb quality of product by growing in their gardens with the tips that can be found at Linton’s in the Garden website.

Me with a lovely tomato plant, circa 2010
Me with a lovely tomato plant, circa 2010

Their endeavour is well-timed, as there is a movement taking shape where people are becoming more concerned with:

  1. Where their food is coming from
  2. What’s going into it, and
  3. How healthy it really is.

In a world full of overly-processed, modified, salt-sugar-fat junk, there’s something to be said for simply buying a seed, dropping it into some soil, watering it, and – with a bit of luck and determination – watching it magically transform into a delicious fruit or veggie, ready to eat. Nothing tastes better than a strawberry you grew yourself, and that’s a fact.

Good life advice!
Good life advice!

How did we help?

In close consultation with Peter and his partners, we re-branded the former “Gaze Seed Company” as “The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze”, designed them a modern-looking logo, set them up with a branded website and Facebook page, as well as business cards (to be printed on plantable seed paper!), and outdoor signage. We had to preserve a delicate balance of old-meets-new to appeal to both the younger generation of backyard farmers, as well as the seasoned pros.

What’s next?

Take a trip downtown to The Seed Company’s store at 9 Buchanan St. (off George St. West) and check out the positive changes they’ve made to the space. Lots of new and exciting products for farmers and gardeners of all ages and skill ranges. Be sure to Follow them on Facebook and sign up for their newsletter as well to stay up to date on their progress and products, and Get Growing!

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