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Dc Presents: Seven Years

Lucky Number Seven. WTF.

Geek alert: You know what happens every seven years? Every single cell in your body is replaced. And seeing as how everyone eventually becomes something else completely, one can consider that any business (especially those who tend to be made of people) are much the same.

As the Dc team blows out the candles on our seventh birthday cake, we’re looking around and realizing how much we’ve changed … and stayed the same. From day one in a little tiny office on Pippy Place with two people and two computers, to an office with a bunch of people, it has gone by in a blink.

The Itch

After seven years you might wonder if a bunch of artist-types would be getting antsy. Or that the public would be getting bored with a ‘got-up’ like us. (Fun Fact: I wrote a blog about “Start-ups and Got-ups” that’s on now.)

However, seeing as how only one in several people I meet here have ever heard of our company, I know we’re not overexposed yet ;). And with an ever evolving cast of creative and strategic all stars in our HQ, let’s just say our passion for knowing where change is taking us and our clients is on point.

A List of Deadly

To celebrate seven years, for anyone who’s worked with us in any way, we think it’s a nice idea to reflect on seven reasons that keep our customers coming back to collaborate and brand better with us:

1. Service first

We believe in providing the best experience, whether for our paid clients or for our community. We try to put in the extra bit of effort to make sure all goes well and that everyone is feeling the love.

2. Team Spirit

We have the. best. team. period. hands down. Our makers and shakers have more experience, more intelligence, and more heart than we know what to do with sometimes, and they bring it all, every day.

3. Doze ideas tho

There is nothing more exciting than that moment when the best idea appears – that flash of inspiration and excitement of sharing it with someone who also ‘gets it,’ the passionate spiel to the client and seeing it come off the printer or roll across a screen. We live for that, it’s what seven years is built on.

4. The clients

We would be nowhere without this awesome group of people who believe in what we do enough to pay us for our ideas.

5. Our connections and community

So you’re not a client, but you’re a part of this community? Yeah, we love you too. Whether we get to hang out in Bannerman Park or run into each other at a business luncheon, we get the most amazing feedback on the work we do. There’s always genuine love and respect from the people we surround ourselves with.

6. The challenges … oh, the challenges.

Our team faces challenges every day. Sometimes it’s a minor tech issue, sometimes our communication styles may differ from a client or two and we need to chat about it. Sometimes it’s the exciting arrival or bon voyage to a team member. Or perhaps our office floods, and everything is ruined, and we have to move out on 24-hours notice. Yeah, that happened. Once I’m over the shock and the madness that has gone on behind the curtain, I’ll be telling you allll about it.

Either way, we face every challenge with as much grace and humility as we can inspire in each other and that’s something we should be bragging about.

7. The future is bright.

There’s so much more we can do. And we’re gonna. Trust. The plans are endless and the people we want to work with to make amazing things happen are lined up to help. It’s more than a feeling. It’s a blessing, really.

Change = Us

Seven years. Seven ways to rock. We’re not new. We’re different all the time, which is way more fun. One thing reigns supreme: change happens … and to good people, too.

Change keeps us from getting stagnant and change inspires our big ideas. Change equals growth and we’re wearing our big kid pants now. Mind the scattered dribble. We’re on the roof and letting our freak flag fly, because that’s what you want – a provocative secret weapon who’ll inspire you to brand better.

If you need some inspiration, fresh ideas or a reminder of what makes you unique, reach out, because year seven is set to be one of our best yet!

Looking forward,





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