Erin Molloy
Frosty and Awkward = Our Fav

It’s about to get FROSTY up in here, y’all.   Partnering with the Frosty Festival is always a blast so we decided to take part in the winter festival again this year. One of our team though, has a close, personal, and slightly silly, connection to the festival, so here’s the story,... [ keep reading ]

Erin Molloy
Fallin’ for Wreckhouse

I was introduced to Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues about five years ago when I worked at Choices for Youth and sat on a committee for the fundraising event, Hot Soup, Cool Jazz. I had just returned home from living in Toronto (where I’d made appearances at its jazz festival since the tender age of 15)... [ keep reading ]

Eddy St. Coeur
The Sound of Music

“I get serenaded today, do I?” my co-workers often ask. It’s a bit of a running gag up in the Design House that I’m usually singing something and not even aware of it. Each of us at Dc share music as a commonality. Myself and Dave were both in Newman Sound, Jon’s regularly rocking... [ keep reading ]