Rock the House

Music is in our blood here at the design house. We work in a large open room, so headphones are mandatory for zoning in on our work. Music inspires us here. It drives us, and helps us be more creative. Sitting back and closing your eyes for a second with your favourite tune on, can take your mind... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Dc Presents: Designer Wanted

Do you love shapes, layers, and patterns? Are you always trying to make things pretty? Do you complain when you see ugly posters and ads? We like your style. Dc Design House is one of the fastest growing marketing firms in the province and we’re looking for someone to add a little sparkle to... [ keep reading ]

Jacelle Blagdon
More than just a handshake

A couple weeks ago one of our clients proudly announced on Facebook she became a grandmother! A huge milestone for her, but it didn't mean that much to our business, right? Wrong! We mentioned it in our next phone call and followed up with a congratulations card. She was so grateful that we'd... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Bye for Now Sam Grandy

If there’s one thing we love at down at the ol’ Design House, it’s cake. Butter cream icing in the afternoon is what dreams are made of. But if there could be a second thing we love, it’s the cake we have when we celebrate the time spent with a bright talent that we invite into our... [ keep reading ]