Rock the House

Music is in our blood here at the design house. We work in a large open room, so headphones are mandatory for zoning in on our work. Music inspires us here. It drives us, and helps us be more creative. Sitting back and closing your eyes for a second with your favourite tune on, can take your mind... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Dc Presents: Our November Faves

There was a torrent of cool and awe-inspiring articles, videos, and websites shared around the Design House this month. It’s always a treat to open your inbox and see emails entitled “So. Friggin. Cool,” “Great Video,” and “Another Hot Signup Form!” (For us marketers at least!).... [ keep reading ]

Denise Goodyear
Warm Hearts

When Chris Forward, General Manager of Harvey’s Home Heating,  reached out to discuss bringing an amazing idea to life, the team at Dc were pretty excited. We’ve been lucky to have gotten to know some of the people behind the A. Harvey Group over the last little while and together we’ve... [ keep reading ]