Alisha Morrissey
You know we #LovesIt

We all use ’em. Whether it’s the scattered “Yes, b’y”, or the daily use of “turnt”, there are these little turns of phrase that make our ears perk up and smiles come across our faces. At Dc, we’ve been known to drag a bit of pop culture into our clients’ marketing and these little phrases are just one way to make them stand out.

That Parlance Doh

At Dc we love colloquial phrases. They resonate.

Whether it’s “Drives me” for Collision Clinic, Newfoundland Chocolate Company’s “Shag Ups,” or Ches’s Valentine’s contest (Hi there, Ches’s and Chill.); phrases that are uniquely Newfoundland or used in pop culture make branding seem relevant and personal.

Furnish it

So we took an idea to Smith’s Furniture and Appliances – one of our long-time clients and friends – which we knew would work for their brand … #LovesIt.


For months now, we’ve been giving away hundreds of dollars in gift certificates and even pieces of furniture through their Facebook page; all for using the hashtag when paired with their favourite Smith’s photos.

The Big V

Nothing says love like Valentine’s Day, so we knew we could play up the contest even more for Valentine’s Day. A loveseat would have been the obvious giveaway, but the owners said they had a stunning leather chair they wanted one lucky winner to take home.

Happy Valentine's Day!

All the Single Ladies

Boom, a single seat for a single person; ’cause not everyone is in love on Valentine’s Day. And Single … and #LovesIt was born.

We used taglines like “Chocolate and Netflix. Perfect,” “Love the one you’re with … you!,” and “That wine won’t drink itself,” to appeal to our target demographics of women between 30 and 50.

Single & #LovesIt

Single and Successful

A small promotional budget, our cheeky headline, and big giveaway, combined to drive great engagement, reminding everyone doing Facebook marketing that you’ve got to pay to play.

All in all, the campaign created engagement and goodwill with the current audience and gained a significant number of new page likes.

We have so much love for Smith’s and this campaign; it was so simple and yet so relatable. And congratulations to Tina Hillier Griffin on winning the big chair! If you’re looking to add a little culture … or pop to your branding, get in touch.

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