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8 Tips for a Deadly Blog Post

Attention spans on the web are short. So short, in fact, that you may already have wandered off in search of pictures of cute kittens.

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So how can you capture your audience’s attention long enough to tell your story AND make it findable in search? We’ve got a few tips:

Write a great headline

Keep it short. Make them want more by not giving away the whole story in the headline.

Use Subheadlines (like this one!) to Chunk Up the Page

If people read nothing but the headings on your site they should still have an idea of what your post was about.

Keep Paragraphs Short

To hold a reader’s attention, keep paragraphs to just a few lines on your site. Avoid walls of text that will overwhelm. tl:dr became a thing for a reason, after all.

Call Out Key Bits

Use bold or italics to bring attention to the particularly juicy phrases in your blog. Web readers skim content and text that looks different will halt their scanning and make them pay attention.

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Use Images and Pull Quotes

Nothing draws in the eye like a nicely styled pull quote or an image. This is why people love infographics so much. The quotes can be from within the article or a relevant famous one. Quotes should pique the interest of the reader and make them want to read more.

Link Internally

Keep people on your site and help them discover more of your fabulous content. When relevant, link text in your blog to past post or existing pages.

Link Externally

This one is a bit more for Google, but linking to a high-authority external source (like Wikipedia) can help give your blog post a little boost in search rankings.

Keep these tips in mind when posting your next blog post and watch reader retention grow.

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