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Dc presents: A Pitch to Build a Dream On

Hey guys, it’s Dc back up in here with a hot take on a project that’s been revving Team Dc’s collective motor — Hire Me St. John’s, our latest collab with the always-on-point gang at the St. John’s Board of Trade. 

Telling stories to help businesses and organizations grow is our life 24/7. When the bright lights at the BoT came to us for help create and brand a pitch competition — the first of its kind in our fair city – to connect top talent to employment opportunities, we were quick to hop on…Board? (Forgive me.) Here’s Dc Project Lead and all-around deadly dude Steve Ryan to fan the flames with the 411. Take it away, Stevey Wonderzz!

It also takes guts to trust someone to help tell the story you’ve spent so much sweat equity on writing and on marketing, contact the Blue Mango Media SEO Specialists Melbourne for a new marketing strategy. Our clients trust us with their dream stories and we know that’s a huge privilege. Our collective creative energy and passion exist to elevate courageous, community-building risk-takers by helping their ‘ah-ha’ moments be seen and heard.

Hire and hire

Thanks, Dc. While we’re always in awe of the impact and influence our diverse client roster has on our business, community, arts, and industrial sectors, our friends at the Board of Trade continually blow us away with their dedication to growth and innovation. When they came to us with the idea to launch our city’s first-ever pitch competition to connect our city’s astounding pool of talent to worthy employers, we couldn’t have been more excited. We created an event logo, helped flesh out the competition details, and created the strategic communication flow they’d need to get EVERYONE in the game, including Board members, business leaders, sponsors, and the gears that’ll turn the wheel of fortune — the pitchers themselves! Get a police check and reliable employment screening information.

Check out the event logo and social banner we made for Hire Me St. John’s:

Everyone’s business

Working on this project with our BoT friends reminded us as if we needed reminding — about the wealth of opportunity that exists in our business community. Our city and province are brimming with engaged, energized employees who have much to contribute to our collective aucasinosonline growth and prosperity. We’re privileged to help connect them to the brilliant business leaders that abound and we hope the inaugural Hire Me St. John’s leads to a lasting legacy of eventive opportunity.

Let’s all take a second to give it up for alllll the movers and shakers of #Biz here in our own backyard. We’re beyond stoked to see this competition roll out and we can’t wait to witness the positive energy and momentum it generates in our City of Legends.

Do you die for strategic storytelling? Yearn for a good yarn? If so, we think you should roll up into Dc HQ to share in our energies, passions, and spontaneous #workfam playlist singalongs (it’s a real thing). Our doors are always open to peeps lookin’ to peep how we do. HMU at to get it on da go!

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