Don-E Coady
Dc Does Direction

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in an agency?

This ain’t Mad Men people! We work long hours. Craft creative consumers crave.

Client work isn’t all drinks and slogans … though that’s part of it!

At Dc we do deadlines, we do discipline, we do!
And we show.

We love bringing in the best and brightest for a day or three to see how the biz gets done, ’cause we know there’s no better way to get schooled than to get out of the classroom and into the real world.

Work it

Recently we’ve partnered with ArtsWorks, a wicked program available through Memorial University to give real world experience to arts students who are looking to see if this may be the career for them.

It’s always so much fun to have a fresh perspective on packaging and creative origin. When Katherine Turnbull showed up on our doorstep, we knew she’d have a great experience in the House.

What we didn’t expect was the rave review Katherine wrote about her time with us. Here it is in her own words.

Katherine’s Review

With Memorial University’s ArtsWorks Program I had the fantastic opportunity to work with and learn from Creative Director Don-E Coady and the rest of the team at Dc Design House.

The design team marries a blend of playful and professional that has enabled them to take their creative skills and approach to the next level of marketing. I was fortunate enough to get tucked under their wings for the day, and to be given a behind the scenes tour of their technical and creative processes, and was even able to assist with several ongoing projects.

The team drew upon my educational background as an English major and Business minor, as well as my retailing experience to show me how my skills could be incorporated into their business.  Not only did they impart the importance of having a well-rounded educational foundation, but also in the importance of building a strong working relationship with their clients to hone in on their business wants and needs to “Brand Better.”

It was such a positive and fun experience meeting and working with everyone, and definitely one that I will take with me going forward into my future career.  It was so refreshing to hear that, yes, your Arts Degree can take you places.

Katherine Turnbull

Learning Experience

Just, wow. Thanks so much Katherine. We had a great time with you too!

If you’re a student looking for a learning experience like no other or running one of these awesome programs and think you may have the perfect student for this experience; get in touch. We want to rock it with you!

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