Don-E Coady
It’s bidness time!

D’uh moment: we love marketing.
Eureka moment: you may or may not love marketing.

We know why. “Marketing” is a broad and overwhelming idea after all.

“Do you mean the messages we promote – or the way we promote them – or how we get the messages out – or what we do inside our business?!?” *thud*

In short: Yes. And more …but let’s zoom out for the mo’.

On January 22nd, our very own Dave Lane and I will be panelists in the St. John’s Board of Trade’s Annual Outlook Conference and Trade show; a mega shaker of an event where everyone in our business community will come to rub elbows and grey matter.

We’ll laugh, listen and learn all about “what’s next” for our business community.

From five-year discussions to general introduction of a variety of topics from marketing (we know, we know) to City Development and Human Resources, it’ll be the best way you or someone (or everyone) in your organization kick-start 2015.

Get inspired, get connected and get up to speed with what our local business community is planning.

Follow the event on twitter: #whatsnextnl

Register (cus ya know you want to):

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