Denise Goodyear
Building on a Legacy with Smith’s

Hey gang! We at the Design House like to call ourselves a full-service marketing firm, and few clients represent that better than Smith’s Furniture and Appliances. I’m gonna pass the mic to my partner-in-crime, who’ll tell you about the recent branding work we did with Smith’s Furniture and Appliances. The stage is allll yours, Denise!

Sure, it can encompass a lot, but here at DcHQ we always say it’s about your “why”: your values, your story, and what you stand for. Sometimes, it’s important to reconsider your position in the industry to remain fresh and relevant, and that’s exactly what we did with Smith’s. Read on!

Legacy love

What started off as a tiny shoemaking shop, Smith’s Furniture and Appliances is now considered one of the province’s leading retail furniture stores. With three locations in Mount Pearl, CBS, and Whitbourne, it has remained a local, family-owned business, and is your one-stop shop for all things furniture and appliances.

“Trendy. Traditional. Smith’s.”

To help them build on their position in the market as trendy and traditional, we collaborated with them to devise a marketing plan that keeps their loyal customer base engaged, while also enticing newer customers to consider Smith’s when making their house a home. To do that, we established two clear, attainable goals:

1. Let customers know about their great service, warranty, and financing options.

2. Make customers aware of Smith’s values, and share their excitement and support they provide their communities.

Pedal to the metal

Once we established what we wanted to achieve, we figured out how we were going to execute it. Here are some of the things we did:

  • A promise line communicates what customers can expect every time they interact with that company. So, we created a new one that better reflects them: “Trendy. Traditional. Smith’s Furniture and Appliances.”


  • In our digital age, a brand refresh plan must exist in tandem with a social plan. We focused on Facebook to increase their social media presence and enhance the customer feedback experience online.
  • A social plan is key, but so is traditional media! Radio, print, and digital advertising are all important when communicating messages to the public.

We love partnering with diverse clients, from brand new start-ups to established brands with decades of history. Working with Smith’s Furniture and Appliances is fantastic, and we are excited to see where they go next!


There you have it! A brand refresh can be a beast, but we’ve got you covered every little step of the way.


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