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Bye for Now Sam Grandy

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If there’s one thing we love at down at the ol’ Design House, it’s cake. Butter cream icing in the afternoon is what dreams are made of.

But if there could be a second thing we love, it’s the cake we have when we celebrate the time spent with a bright talent that we invite into our lives.

As an “arms-open” company, we love it when work term students and general work experience seekers join us for an afternoon, or even a few months, to see what it’s like to work in a creative and detail-driven industry like ours is as exciting for us as it is for them. The only trouble is that I have to refrain from swearing and other fun things I like to do. But I deal …for a few hours atleast ;)

The latest killer-in-training is a talented student from our much-loved College of the North Atlantic’s Business Program. Her name is Sam Grandy, and here’s what she had to say:

I cannot get over how fast time goes when you’re working in an agency and having fun. I mean maybe it’s not like this everywhere but I really don’t know where the past six weeks have gone. I am finished my work term today and as I look back at all of the different tasks and jobs I have completed over the past six weeks you would say I have been here for six months!

It’s great, honestly.

I think it’s pretty amazing that a student can be thrown into a business and actually feel apart of the team. Dc Design team has really made me feel welcomed and I cannot thank them enough. I have reassurance that what I am studying to become in school (Business-marketing) is something that I am truly going to enjoy when I finish in just a year from now.

I hear horror stories of students going on work terms and being thrown into the corner and being given very little to no work dealing with the field they are studying in. I am thankful to be in an agency that puts me to work and to be able to be exposed to all different aspects in a firm. Having my work term at the Design House makes me so excited to finish school in a year and get out into the work field.

It really helps you enjoy what you do when you have awesome people who work with you and share the same passion as you. As I have heard before “surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious” and I’m feelin’ the energies at the Design house and I’m truly loving it.

Thanks and inspiration

Finally I would love to make a huge shout out to Jacelle for answering every little question I had during my work term and just being completely awesome. I can tell you love what you do which is such a positive energy to work with everyday.

Also to Denise for being a mentor and allowing me to have this amazing experience. Denise, I look at you as a goal of where I want myself to be in the future. You truly are inspirational and I thank both of you so much for everything you ladies have done for me.

As for the rest of the Dc team… you guys freaking rock. Everyone is super cool and has helped me gain so much from working here. I am sad to leave but I am so happy to have had this experience with Newfoundland’s best marketing team


Samantha Grandy

Thanks Sam, we miss you already.

In closing, I’d love it if everyone who reads this could consider opening their minds and doors to the idea of mentoring. As a proud member of Entreprenurs Forum and the Futurepreneur organizations, helmed by the amazing Scott Andrews, the impact I feel from sharing what I know and the passion I have is critical to the future of our community. Read more about this in a great article by that man himself via another amazing network and enpowering organization near and dear to the hearts of our team at NLOWE: Why Mentoring Matters to Canada’s Future.

Until next time, get involved. Help raise the future of our business community – and to the future talents: make yourselves known. Our city depends on it.

There may even be some some cake in it for you ;)

Looking forward,

If you’re interested in opportunities at Dc Design House, get in touch.

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