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Collision Clinic’s #DrivesMe Social Campaign

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Because It’s Winter, It’s Cold, and We’re Over It

It’s Winter. It’s Cold. We leave for work in the dark and we drive home in the dark. It’s got us all drove. Collision Clinic already had an active social media presence, promoting road safety and maintenance tips. To mix things up a bit and to tide us over until the spring we decided to team up with them and launch the #DrivesMe social media campaign.

Keeping it Positive

It was important to keep a positive spin on this. We all like to vent our frustrations about driving but it’s important that we didn’t encourage everyone to stew in negativity about driving around our snow-covered city. Instead, we took the approach of the quirky facts of life aspects of winter driving. Simple reminders about how to be better winter drivers.

Keeping the Ball Rolling

A simple fact: Your audience is far more likely participate in a social media campaign when there’s something in it for them; a chance to win, for example.

We developed a series of prizes that make light of our winter woes. Included in the prize packages are a #DrivesMe card that thanks them for participating and invites them to photograph themselves with their prize. The key is to keep using the hashtag #DrivesMe so everyone following will stay in the loop.

As the campaign unfolds, we take a lot of joy in seeing the ripple effect of success flow through our social channels.

The Prize!

We had a lot of fun picking out the prizes we were going to send people for participating. We hope it brightens everyone’s cold winter day!

DrivesMe Prize Pack |

Looking Forward

Have you seen the #DrivesMe campaign unfold before seeing it on our website? Share your thoughts. Do you have a great idea for your own social channels and need a hand with strategy and deployment? Give us a shout!

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