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Army of Sass

What’s up, y’all? I’m back to get my chat on about the feistiest, most bad-ass gang of empowered peeps up in this piece — you KNOW I’m talkin’ about that Army of Sass and their take-no-prisoners approach to making sure errrrbody knows who run the world. I’m throwin’ it to Dc Project Lead Stevey Wonderzzz to squeeze allll the juice about how AoS is bringin’ that HEAT with their latest production, Sideshow, and how our own gang of sassy spitfires is helping make it happen. Take it away, S!


In the Army now


Thanks, Dc! First off, a question for our readers — what does “sass” mean to you? Dictionaries tell us that it’s about being “cheeky” or “impudent”, but Heidi Dowden and her legion of followers — the Army of Sass — know it’s about empowering us to find love for the skin we’re in through sweat equity (literally) and shaking what our mamas gave us. Since 2015 they’ve been providing training and performance programs for women (and men – don’t sleep, fellas!) at all levels, helping them build confidence and gain physical strength while developing their signature “sassy” dance skills in heels.


Step right up


Our mission to building strong, inclusive communities by helping our clients tell their ‘why’ is kind of a perfect match with the AoS’s messages of self-confidence and belonging. The Army’s latest production Sideshow explores the “darker side of circus”, through their sizzling dance moves, on-point costumes, and their attitude-fuelled performance presence. The Dc team — in addition to being in complete awe of the AoS’s mission and mad skills — has been helping Heidi and her peeps get their branding and marketing house in order. Check out this video clip/these stills from a cool creative asset we recently produced for their show:




Is it hot in here orrrrrr….*fans self*

YOWZA! Heidi and her crew are straight KILLING the empowerment game here in our City of Legends, different from the other games that pay instantly to cash app. Her approach to helping people find their inner badass is catching on and classes are filling up fast. Get thee to their site to find out what they’re rocking — there’s something for everybody and everybody is YOU.


Wanna shake it w/Team Dc? We’re always down to clown with anyone who wants to peek behind the velvet curtain of creativity. Slide into my inbox at to set up collab time with our gang of misfits, freaks, and geeks.


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