Dc Presents: How We’ve Got the Rx for TEDxStJohns


Party people in the house! I’m back and comin’ at ya with some #RealTalk about the hottest ticket in town, TEDxStJohns. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and once again, our deadly team is helping put the jam in the donut of #IdeasWorthSpreading. How? Read on!

Doin’ it well


The all-star gang of volunteers who run TEDxStJohns are in their 7th-year of reppin’ what we need more of up in here: Diversity. Inclusion. Community. Empowerment. YES. Hosting  Hope Deconstructed  in 2018 was nothing short of #goals for me, so getting tapped again this year gives me all the feels. This year’s theme? new found LATITUDE. It’s about giving ourselves the opportunity to think outside of our regular mindset in order to consider new ideas and perspectives. Here to share more what about the part we’re playing in this year’s awesomeness is Dc’s resident Graphic Design ϋber-nerd and TEDxStJohns volunteer extraordinaire, Darrell Edwards. Take it away, D!


(L)attitude of gratitude


Thanks, Dc. Being involved with TEDxStJohns on this year’s event has been a pleasure and a privilege as a creative person who cares about helping build kind, competent communities. I’ve been working with them to develop the creative assets for branding the 2019 event. My goal was to capture the sense of movement and momentum of the overarching TEDx mission while shining a light on our regional involvement in the process of idea-sharing. It’s been a super fun ride and I’m excited to see it all go live this week.  Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on with the beauties at TEDxStJohns:



Thanks so much, D! Let’s tie a bow on this bad boy: TEDxStJohns’ 2019 event Newfound LATITUDE is happening on Friday, May 10th at 7 PM at the SJFM. This year’s roster of speakers looks redonk and I’m tickled to have the opportunity to share the stage again.

Wanna do the damn thing w/the Dc gang? We’re always OTG for hangs, shares, bops (and hops, amirite) in all the creative ways that count. Hit me up at dc@dcdesignhouse.ca to set it up.


Looking forward,


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