Don-E Coady
Dc presents: Lynk’s 2017 Summer Social with Loose Tie
Here’s a riddle for you: what happens when you combine Lynk (the top professionals network, who hold quarterly shakers with the whitest collars in town), Loose Tie (downtown St. John’s premiere cocktail-resto-lounge), and our own little design house on the hill?
You get times, people!! I’m talkin’ laughs, dranx, and a moment in time to throw up our cups in celebration. After all, we’ve been livin’ that biz life all winter long, and now? It’s time for a 2017 summer social – because the fun and fleeting blink-of-an-eye we call summer in the city is back, and we’re kickin’ it with a tasty groove.
No big deal – just an absolute blast, with this trifecta of awesome and everyone we know and love.
The fun kicks off Thurs., June 29, from 5 ’til 7 p.m. at Loose Tie downtown in St. John’s.
RSVP now, before we’re full to the gills (in more ways than one). *wink*

Looking forward to this happy hour to remember!



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