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Dc Presents: Out of the Fog

U@? Dc here! It’s no secret that St. John’s and fog go hand in hand. We see it rolling through the harbour 12 months of the year from our DcHQ in historic downtown, decaled galore across band, store, and booze logos, and, of course, on Rogers TV.

Welcome to season 16

Starting this fall, I’m teaming up with Melissa Royle and Jason Piercey to co-host one of the most popular programs in the province for seventeen years, Out of the Fog. It’s gonna be friggin’ wicked! Over the years, this half-hour, local matters, and straight up culture fest has become a touchstone, offering weekly coverage of our province’s best in entertainment, art, and business. What more could you ask for?

Why I’m here

When ROGERS tv made me aware of the opportunity of hosting Out of the Fog, my immediate thought was “no.” I’m too busy serving my amazing clients every day (and every night and every evening) to host a local talk show. But then it occurred to me: hosting Out of the Fog helps me unite all my favourite things and bring to life my vision for DcDH: meeting with cool people to talk about their projects, passions, and perspectives; collaborating with local powerhouses like the Spirit of Newfoundland, the Quidi Vidi Plantation, and NL Trading Co.; and supporting the young, new, up-and-coming generation of Newfoundland’s music and art elite. GAH – perfect fit – can’t wait to get started!!

Tune in

So where do you find this year’s most exciting ensemble? This season of Out of the Fog premiers on September 19, 2017 on Rogers TV! Tune in for wicked interviews, weekly guests, and lively performances. Melissa, Jason, and myself can’t wait to get started! Are you itching to get involved? We couldn’t make this season happen without our live in-studio audience, so reach out to snag a seat!

You can catch a live stream right here! If you miss the episode, no panic — you can watch a recording of the premiere on the Rogers TV website.



So that’s the show, folks! Check it out this fall to see what’s on and what’s next in this fair city of ours. We hope you enjoy! And if you dig, let us know. Feedback is always welcome!


Looking forward,




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