Alisha Morrissey
Dc Presents: Playing with Your Food

At the Design House, we like our jokes like we like our pizza … cheesy AF! Bahahaha.

So ya knows when Old Town Pizza came to us for a new logo and some marketing materials last year, we had some idea how much fun we’d have coming up with ideas for this wicked local favourite.

Pizza my heart


This logo is so on point! It’s classic and contrast-rich with frame like fonts and clean lines. It has a bit of history to it, like a weathered sign and the establishment date – like something you’d easily spot in Chicago or New York – or across the pond where pizza began. Handcrafted reminds you that the dough, and every pizza, is made fresh and delivered to you with care.

Pizza puns are fun

Last year it was donuts, the year before was cupcakes. But pizza – that’s a pop culture phenomenon that’s always in style. There are thousands of jokes and puns and memes about pizza and they all influenced the look and tone of our work as we approached Old Town’s social media, contests, and digital menus for the two locations.


Deep Dish Discounts

From there, we created flyers and pizza box designs and so much more, because we’d built this awesome relationship with the Old Town team. By the beginning of this year, it was online ordering that really excited us.

Two pizza lovers in our office had been using the online ordering portal for a while, and were vocal about the ease of ordering a pizza – even with different toppings on half and other instructions – by clicking just two or three buttons on their phones.

We stay hungry

When we learned about the coupon codes at we were over the moon with half-off pizzas and free add ons and couldn’t wait to spruce up the look and feel of that site! Consistency is everything and making this third-party site look the Old-Town part was essential!

Old Town's Flyer

Delivered. Fresh and Hot.

Our latest project with Old Town is awesome. They have a new rewards program, which we’ve named Old Town Pizza Dough, because it gives you a 20 per cent discount after you reach 20 points through ordering online.

We created this logo to promote it, and love the simple cartoony feeling; bringing back tones of our favourite pizza-eating mutants – the Ninja Turtles!

Pizza Dough Logo

More please. *burp*

We’ve been munching on some extra-saucy slices and it’s giving us the energy to really take Old Town to the next level with some new marketing you’ve never seen here before. So keep your eyes peeled and your phone poised to order, and dial us if you’re looking for a filling, tasty branding experience!


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