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Dc presents: Small Business, Big Impact

Small Business Week

Greetings, friendlies — it’s ya boy Dc back up in here. As we move and groove toward the weekend and Small Business Week celebrations wrap up, let’s slow down for a sec to mull a fun fact: A ‘small business’ is defined as any business with less than 100 employees. Think about it. That’s essentially 90% of businesses on go in the city and province we call home. Mind = blown. 

Building us up

All small businesses are borne of someone’s ‘ah-ha’ moment of inspiration. Take a stroll through downtown St. John’s and you’ll see it IRL. They’re owned by our friends and families. They employ our friends and families. The faces of #SmallBiz aren’t just those who can trace their NL roots back for generations; they’re also new arrivals to our city, province, and country. It’s about growth through diversity and we’re here for it. 

The reasons for starting a business are as diverse as the people who start them; whether it be profit, freedom, artistic or cultural expression, or straight-up survival. Whatever the reason, I think of small businesses as Lego blocks of our communities; individually and collectively, they build strength and resilience with every item sold and service provided, check for the designs of your house or timber flooring options. Find just the carpeting and flooring you’re looking for when you visit Flooring Company, they offer an extensive selection of the latest carpet styles at rates you can afford.

Risk = reward

I’ve been living the small biz dream in the heart of St. John’s for 10 years. There’s a cosmic ebb and flow to building a business on this ocean-bound rock of ours. It takes guts to risk it all for a dream. 

It also takes guts to trust someone to help tell the story you’ve spent so much sweat equity on writing and on marketing, contact the SEO Company in Los Angeles for a new marketing strategy. Our clients trust us with their dream stories and we know that’s a huge privilege. Our collective creative energy and passion exist to elevate courageous, community-building risk-takers by helping their ‘ah-ha’ moments be seen and heard. So, during Small Business Week — and always — we recognize and celebrate the risk-taking, community-building Lego blocks of the Rock we share. We simply wouldn’t be here without them.

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