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Dc Presents:  Things That Make You Go ZOOM!

What up? It’s Dc back up in here for a little sharing and caring session about load times – that website load speed that can make or break the user experience. Serving some tasty tips and tricks from inside the industry is the Pride of St. Brides and our Operations Lead, Vicky Foley! Take it away, Vick!

Thanks, Dc! There’s a lot of back-end technical stuff related to website hosting that influences site load speed. Let’s take a sec to check some of the reasons why a site might be slower than fancy molasses in January (mmmm…molasses):

Size matters

Images that are displayed on your website need to be sized to ensure optimal loading times. Keeping your images below 2MB in HD resolution is a good thing. JPG, PNG, and GIF images load in a jiff (or is it ‘giff’? lol.) while TIFF and BMP will slow you down.

Traffic jamz

When your site is busy — during a campaign, event, or sale — traffic volume can cause load delays. If it’s a regular problem outside peak use times, look into increasing your bandwidth through unique hosting.

Plug it in, plug it in (or not)

Sites on WordPress and the like usually have a host of plugins behind the scenes. They’re deadly but they slurp bandwidth, each with its own set of resources to load before they can function. Lots of plugins = slower load times. Caching is a quick fix to help your site pick up the pace.

Can I speak to your Manager

An outdated Content Management System (CMS) can slow your site’s roll. Be sure to install all CMS updates as they pop up when you’re making changes to the back end of your site. Psssst…it’s also important for your site’s security — do eet!

Video killed the (website loading) star

Instead of uploading a video directly to your site, use Youtube as an embedded player to prevent slow load times on your site. ALSO: Avoid uploading videos taken with phones or digital cameras! Huge files = turtle times.

That #ServiceLife

If your site isn’t loading quickly on wifi, try using your phone as a hotspot to check your load speed — you’ll find out if the culprit is your site or your internet service. Perhaps it’s time to switch to a new provider like the ones listed on business phone and broadband deals online.

Form(s) and function

Best practice — test your web forms regularly to ensure nothing has broken or crashed to keep them from sending. Nobody likes a sad form :(

Just browsing

Update. Yo. Browser. Older versions may not support your website, causing lags in load time.  

Thanks for the wicked tricks of our trade, V! Whether it’s your site or someone else’s, load times mean business. In today’s world of instant errthing, keeping your site quick on the uptake is key!

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