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Deck the halls with deadly Christmas ads, 2016 version!

It’s starting to look like Christmas again here in the DC Design House. Our team is appropriately adorned in ugly Christmas sweaters, and we’ve heaved back, with the scent of gingerbread in our gallons of coffee, to point you to the cream of the Christmas ads crop for 2016.

What’s your flavour?

There are, really, three types of Christmas ads; the funny, the on-point, and the touchy-feely, ooey-gooey, get-you-right-in-the-feels kind. Here are a few of the latter:

Touchy, feely, Christmas cheer

Our creator of copy magic – Alisha has chosen this Amazon ad, because after all, whether you’re a Catholic Priest or a Muslim Cleric, we all succumb to joint pain!

This one is from Apple, picked by Jacelle, our keeper of time and productivity (we’re pretty sure she works for Santa one night a year too), is one that will most definitely have your ugly cry face on full display! 

Hilariously Festive … and so relatable

Our new copywriting addish, Nicole, picked this one from Temptations, cat treats, because she’s all about the laughter and seriously, everyone who has ever owned, or has known someone who has owned a cat (A.K.A EVERYONE), will relate to the joy of cats at Christmas. 

On Point

And then there’s these festive, happy-ending, Christmas-magic selections!

This pick from Waitrose, comes from our graphic whiz Sid, which … really is the whole Christmas package deal, much like Sid himself ;)  It’s sweet, it’s festive and it reminds us of the power of tradition.

We’ll leave you with this mini-cinematic masterpiece for H&M, by Wes Anderson, starring Adrien Brody, which comes from Greg who himself, triple-duties as our house photographer/producer and graphic elf. After all, Christmas is all about the kiddos, and they even get Scrooge and the Cratchit’s to “come together” during the festive season.

A gift for you

Psst, we also love making great TV and YouTube ads. Christmas may be upon us, but when you’re ready to create a campaign including a little visual oomph, call us up and we’ll be happy to help you spread the cheer.

Here’s to a week of merry times with our families and friends. We might even miss each other over at the HQ if we’re not careful. lol

Looking forward to 2017!


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