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Frosty and Awkward = Our Fav

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It’s about to get FROSTY up in here, y’all.


Partnering with the Frosty Festival is always a blast so we decided to take part in the winter festival again this year. One of our team though, has a close, personal, and slightly silly, connection to the festival, so here’s the story, from our Pearl girl, Erin:

A girl from the Pearl

Yes, yes, I am not afraid to admit it, I grew up (for the most part) in Mount Pearl, and I must say, I had a time! I was what you would call an “involved” student in high school. There wasn’t a group, club or committee that I wasn’t a part of inside the walls of O’Donel.

Because of the time I spent helping make the school a better place to be, I guess the administration and teachers thought of me as one of the “go-to’s” when they were contacted by city officials for student volunteers.

My youthful perspective

So, twist my rubber arm. In Grade 12, I found myself as the student representative on the Frosty Festival committee. My role was to give my youthful input to the planning and encourage students in my school and beyond to check out the week of festivities. In Mount Pearl, this wasn’t a hard sell.

Frosty's angels?
Frosty’s angels?


The engagement in the Frosty Festival was huge when I was growing up. It was exciting and something our little city looked forward to every year.

Teens and Tiaras

The Frosty Festival committee was fun, but apparently wasn’t enough for me (insert smirk). I needed to ensure I made my way back to the stage! I graced audiences with my presence in 1991 as I rocked out to Someday by Mariah Carey at the annual festival lip sync. I was eight years old.

Exactly ten years later, I found my way back on the stage as a contestant of the… wait for it… Miss Frosty Festival Pageant. This involved many nights of auditioning, practicing, picking out wardrobes and hairstyles, lip syncing my heart out for passers-by at Sobeys Square.

You know, the usual plight of a pageant queen wannabe!

Miss Frosties
Some contestants from the 2001 Miss Frosty Festival Pageant. (I’m on the far right!)


If you know me, I am sure this fun fact may come as a surprise. But, I assure you, it’s true. I have three hours of proof on VHS. (Dc Note: Um, a viewing party will be scheduled for next week.)

You can take the girl out of the Pearl, but…

While I have been out of Mount Pearl for a while now, it’s still my home, and it helps that my Mom and Dad still live there. So, when I learned Dc Design House would be partnering with the festival again this year to help with some creative, the nostalgia hit me, and I opened up to some co-workers about my past life as a pageant girl.

Erin with Miss Frosty
All the pageant girls with the winner!


Here at the Design House, we’re so happy to be able to do our part to help such a great community mainstay. Yesterday, I got to attend the kick-off luncheon for Frosty Festival and it was a treat. I was able to reconnect with old friends and, of course, meet new ones.

This year’s festival takes place February 4 to 14. Check it out –! Show Mount Pearl some love. We don’t bite!

Now. Isn’t that sweet? You cannot imagine the laughs we’re having with (read: at) our prize project manager and former pageant queen. Erin, I’d vote for you anyway. And so congenial, too, might I add.


If you’re looking for some help promoting an event, get in touch. We’re always happy to help out – especially if it has a little nostalgia attached.




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