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Getting Into Character

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Sup, friends? Dc here! We’re all about gettin’ (and keepin’) our audiences’ attention, and sure a slick logo or a catchy jingle can do it … but for our money, there is nothing like creating an original character to promote your business.

Be it a globe trotting gnome, mayhem incarnated, or whatever the hell Puppy Monkey Baby is, an original character can be a fun, memorable spokesperson for your brand.

Put your best face forward

Sure, some brands rely on famous figures to promote their products. (You know the ones!)

And yeah, a famous, familiar face can give a certain credibility, but for businesses that are less tangible, like those that provide services (like us), we may need to get a little more creative. Hellz yeah!

A star is born

To better illustrate (heh!) our point, I’ma walk you through the brand evolution of a current client. Her business model is to provide staffing solutions for dental practices across Canada, and while MAS Placement was a perfectly acceptable name, it needed a little magic.

The concept: dental assistant, turned office manager, who could no longer stand the pain of dealing with staffing issues. Summoning her magical powers, she became… Your Tooth Fairy!

She’s got the look

After some initial back and forth with the client, our team settled on a retro, business-style look for Your Tooth Fairy to give the character personality and to create a memorable visual.


Your Tooth Fairy from MAS Placement
Concept Sketch #1



Early Sketch of Your Tooth Fair from MAS Placement
Concept Sketch #2


Then, we did some brainstorming and researched reference imagery to help us realize the character. Nothin’ says nostalgia like these gals!


MAS Placement Tooth Fairy Inspiration
Reference Images


We applied our findings to our initial design, and created an amalgamation sketch to submit to the client for approval.

Once we had the client’s approval, our deadly designers set about “tightening up” the drawing, creating a vectorized version with nice clean lines, and applying the brand colours. Et voilà!


Your Tooth Fairy for the MAS Placement relaunch
Meet Your Tooth Fairy


The sky’s the limit

With a fully realized character, Your Tooth Fairy can appear in anything, from signage and social media, to animated commercial spots:



That’s our spiel, folks! Creating a unique character can personify your brand and give you limitless versatility! To hear more about what a custom corporate character could do for you, reach out today!


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