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Glenn’s Helping Hand

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September 4th. 2012… Enter Glenn’s Helping Hand Foundation, A wonderful organization that raises money for research and spreads awareness of juvenile diabetes. The foundation also hosts an annual golf tournament which is key to their fundraising efforts. The key goal of this project was to help them spread awareness, collect donations and register participates for the golf tournament. So how did we help out such an amazing group of people?

We designed and built them a brand new and user-friendly website. A decision was made to keep the design simple and clean. This yielded a highly legible and easy to navigate website, while a softer colour platte was also chosen to keep the site visually natural while still looking playful and fun.

Next we asked ourself what is the most important elements or features this site required. PayPal integration was key for this project since donations are so important to an organization such as this. By giving them the ability to collect these via the web was very huge for them.

Other key features include: information and registration for the annual golf tournament, Glenn’s story, and how they help families. Did you know that they send several children with diabetes each year to summer camp? Or that they also partner with major researchers at the Janeway Children’s Hospital to further diabetes research and one day possibly find a cure?

They really are great organization and were extremely fun to work with! A throwback shout out to Tiffany Butt – a family member of Glenn – who’s passion for this project is what ultimately led to the creation of this website.

If you would like to donate some funds to Glenn’s Helping Hands click here.

Have you taken part in the golf tournament? Let us know in the comments or by email.

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