Happy City goes 2.0!

Happy City: The perfect name for an organization that strives to make YYT the best it can be. When the gang came to us thinking about a logo refresh, we knew that capturing the colourfulness and dimension of our special city was the only way to do it. Read on to get the deets from Darrell, our studio manager!

Start simple

Heya! Darrell here.

Happy City St. John’s is a not-for-profit organization that “informs, encourages, and facilitates public dialogue around civic issues in the city of St. John’s.” The original Happy City logo was minimalistic, combining a thick sans serif typeface and a simple speech-balloon-meets-cityscape icon — a straightforward representation of the organization’s goal: to help create a solid, holistic city. With various shades of blue reminiscent of the hues of ocean and sky on a bright St. John’s summer’s day, the logo could be easily understood by any local.

Happy City Logo

Add a sprawling city of colour

Although this minimalistic logo was effective to convey the feel of the organization and its relationship with St. John’s, it lacked one thing: visuals that scream St. John’s! Although the colours represented our city, we had to ask ourselves, “what makes this city unique?”

The answer? Its landscape and multicoloured nature.

We maintained the aesthetic of the original logo while representing the whole City by adding distinct landmarks, including the Basilica, the Bowring Park caribou statue, and the lush hills of Pippy Park. We strove to ensure all parts of the city were represented.

Happy City New Logo

From there, we created a variety of simplified logos with a splash of colour added to each one to represent different Happy City offerings, and to reflect our rainbow-clad jellybean houses and our equally colourful people.

Happy City Logo Varities

Each colour chosen represented its corresponding concept.

  • Orange = The built environment
  • Purple = The democratic process
  • Yellow = Transportation
  • Red = Community and cultural life
  • Green = Healthy cities
  • Black = Finance and affordability

Launch forth

How did the Happy City team feel about it? Happy, of course! On September 20, they launched the new look of Happy City St. John’s to the public at The Neighbourhood Summit even and with rave reviews.

“We love the new Happy City logo. It captures the whole city, east to west, while capturing our vibe and paying homage to our old logo.” — Rob Nolan, Chair, Happy City St. John’s

Happy City Logo Launch Event

Logo refreshes are always fun, but this one especially captured our hearts since our beautiful city and vibrant community are such integral parts of what we do.

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