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Dc Presents: Home Again Furniture Bank

Room to Grow

Organizations that come out of genuine love for helping, make our city a special place in our hearts here at the Design House. A furniture bank, which we can feed with the things we no longer need – but are critical to others – sounds like something we should have always had. Erin Molloy shares her view on our recent partnership and what we learned:

What makes a house a home?

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What about dignity?

It may be obvious to you, and to me too, but we don’t think about it much do we? I admit I take my bookshelf and dishwasher for granted; they are a luxury and not a need. Would I lose my dignity and self worth without these things? Probably not and I bet many of you would feel the same, this page will give you more ideas for your home design.

“But if I came home to four walls and roof, but no bed to sleep in, no chairs to sit in or a table to eat at, I’d have to say yes.”

What made me think this way? It was the lovely men and women who got down into the roots of the grass and created an amazing – and much needed – organization that has been recently launched as Home Again Furniture Bank; a new charitable organization to end furniture poverty on the Avalon Peninsula. Home Again helps improve the homes and lives of those in transition, from situations of abuse, homelessness, prison or war, for the un- and underemployed or for those with disabilities.

Home Again logo

How lucky are we?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – helping build a better community is a CORE value of Dc Design House, and one that aligns perfectly with my own. From our first meeting with Home Again, I knew it was something we’d all be excited about. Having worked and volunteered in the housing and homelessness sector, I couldn’t wait to help spread this important message to those who need it most. This was the perfect project and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Check out what we’ve helped create so far for a group that I’ll forever hold close.

Housewarming Party

Beyond the creation of the brand and collateral, we were also fortunate enough to help plan a “housewarming” themed launch for Home Again to officially introduce it to the broader community. Clients, business supporters, community partners, volunteers and the news media came out in droves to attend, each with a small housewarming gift in tow. It was a real home coming and we’re so happy to share in the opportunity to bring it to life.

Chatting before the launch
People from Dc, Home Again, different community organizations, and the media all came together for the big launch.
Don-E plays guitar to warm up the crowd.
What’s a housewarming party without a few good tunes?
Housewarming gifts!
Housewarming gifts!
Group photo of Don-E, Erika, and Erin from Dc with the Home Again team.
Deadly times all around!

Back at the Ranch

Are you a community group or non-profit looking to lift your brand? Or maybe you’re planning an event and need a PR push – get in touch with us.

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