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In-House Marketing: How We See the Trend


Marketing Trend

It’s me, Dc! U@? If you’re a business owner or not-for-profit, there’ll be times where you end up in need of some effective marketing and communications. So where do you get it?

You might be thinking about hiring an internal marketing team member to save you time and money you’re scared will get swallowed up by an agency, click here to see how to do it here, as the most important thing is having a good marketing strategy for any business, and we’re gonna serve up a lil’ advice: an in-house marketing person can 100% rock the role … if they have the right support. You can also read this SEO Reseller article if you are planning to develop digital marketing.

We know taking the “in-house route” might be #trending in our tighter-than-average economy right now, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Full service, baby

Think about all the pieces needed to help your company brand better. A killer website? Definitely. Social posts out the whazoo? Duhh. Radio ads? Maybe. A custom corporate character? Yes, please!

Are you gonna get all of this from a single hire? ‘Dunno about that. But with a team of strategic and creative thinkers, you get a critical and full-circle approach! We’re known for agility, so you’ll get flexible plans and creation of marketing materials that moves, grows, and adapts with your business.

Dollah dollah bills

Sure, lots of big, boomin’ brands do have their very own communications crew. But most of us are small-businesses – so why spend money hiring in-house alone when you collaborate with a support system like us? It’s important to remember that the overhead of training a new employee to help with these things is costly – so they’ll need to be supported by people in the wings.

In our experience, if these wicked lone soldiers are left on their own, they typically bounce – and you ain’t got time for that!

Welcome to Dc

On top of keeping you out of the red, partnering with us comes with a lot of perks. We’re all about spirit, sass, and making our connections work for you. (Exhibit A: look at the all the client and connection goodness happening on Out of the Fog.)

We gotta be honest: we have mad love for our province and the people in it, so all of our partnerships try to focus on making that love grow! That means supporting our local economy and helping businesses thrive. Also, increased visibility and exposure through our robust social media presence and community connections leads to additional promotion and reach.

Support your in-house efforts

So with all this talk of bringing marketing-based employees aboard, just make sure you ask yourself: What’s the real cost? Will you get a return on your investment? Will you be able to create impact in your community in measurable ways?

We say “support your team”! Grow your connections. Reach out. Take advantage of a proven and dedicated service company jam packed with subject matter experts in marketing and communications. Your company is unique, and you go against the grain in every other aspect of your operation, so make sure you give a second thought to how you handle marketing in your company, with the use of the Link Fire SEO services online!
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