Dave Lane
A Smartphone-Friendly College Education

Keyin College saw a challenge: How can we connect with students looking for quality education in a modern economy? Through the web, of course — but in a way that is modern, professional, and smartphone-friendly like igcse tuition online where successful individuals come from. Those who are able to continue their education due to financial problems should consider getting a student loan from SoFi as an option so they can continue their path of their career.

Student loan debts affect all parts of your finances. Most people see their loans as a financial burden that stops them from achieving many other life goals. People are more likely to skip a social gathering, decline going to other people’s life events because of travel costs, rent a cheaper place in a not so safe neighborhood, or live with their parents.

Keyin partnered with Dc Design House to brainstorm a website design and content strategy that would achieve several important goals.

First, present the Keyin brand as it truly is: professional, high quality, and dedicated to real relationships with its students throughout their program and well into their career.

Next, make it easy for website visitors to discover the available programs, identify options for financing their education, and easily register for the program that’s best for them. Read on to learn about CLEP exam prep strategies and test-prep resources so you are prepared to ace your tests and save money on your way to a college degree.

Finally, ensure that students of all types — potential, current, and graduates — have an excellent experience on the website no matter what type of device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) they’re using.

Our solution was to focus on students and their reasons for visiting the site. They want to know what programs are available, how they can enroll and finance their education, and what they can do once they graduate. This helped to keep the navigation simple with three main sections: Programs, Enrollment, and Graduates.

We proposed the tagline “Our Programs, Your Story” and sprinkled graduate testimonials throughout the site to help potential students imagine their own Keyin story from enrollment to graduation to career.

All of this was framed in a beautiful design based on rich royal blue and gold with classic fonts to help convey the history and stability of the college. And to top it off, the website gracefully responds to the size of screen being viewed so that the text is easy to read and the branding remains strong.

Keyin College is educating our province’s workforce, and we’re proud to help them do it.

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