Melissa Hogan
Marketing Lessons from Chanel

It’s no secret that I love fashion, or in the words of my father, I’m a clotheshorse. I’m a Taurus – I can’t help it that I love beautiful things. You can keep your basketball – every spring I have my own Final Four: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Fashion weeks, that is.

Paris just wrapped up and you may not think there are everyday marketing takeaways amidst the fabric, heels, and bevy of models, but you’d be wrong. Just look to Chanel.

PFW2015 - Chanel
Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner walk for Chanel

While every designer was showing top quality clothes that show artistry and craftsmanship, the show that I saw the most online chatter and photos from was, hands down, Chanel.

Marketing Trend

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Make ‘em Talk

Karl Lagerfeld knows it’s not enough just to have an outstanding product. He knows you need to make people feel something about that product. Every single season, he’s able to put on a show that gets people talking.

This year, the Grand Palais was turned into an opulent, traditional Parisian cafe – “Brasserie Gabrielle”. Viewers were seated at cloth cover tables or at one-sided booths. Models showed off the latest collection while walking the aisles and sitting at the large circular bar, chatting with handsome waiters. It had the feel of a Sunday morning in Paris where you’d sip on coffee and people watch.

PFW2015 - Chanel
The man, the legend, Karl Lagerfeld.

Expect the Unexpected

What made the Chanel show memorable is that it was unexpected. It wasn’t a typical runway show with a darkened room and a single, elevated catwalk. Lagerfeld takes the typical, flips it on its head, and people take notice.

And that’s the same thing we strive for here at the design house – finding that twist that will evoke a certain feel or emotion to make you stand out in your customers’ mind. Rather than following the crowd we want you to lead the pack. Just like Chanel.

Ongoing Dialogue

Karl Lagerfeld also knows that fashion is a constant dialogue – just like the conversation between you and your customers. Just putting off one amazing show isn’t enough. By the time he takes his bow at the end of the show he’s already thinking about the next one.

Passion. Creativity. And the ability to surprise and delight the customer. These are the things we love about Chanel – and these are the things we strive for when working with your brand.

There’s no rest for the wicked, so let’s get started!

Want to get the dialogue started? Get in touch.

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