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On Out of the Fog, this January & February

Live from the Kenmount Road Studio! From social media profesh-ionals and entrepreneurs, to arts-biz heavy hitters and award-winning musicians, we’ve had it all on Out of the Fog in 2018! Give me a few to brag about the people I got to chat with these past two months. Check it!

Keepin’ you connected

Our resident DJ Slim Macho talked about a new Instagram app, In the Know SJ, a deadly resource that compiles all of the great arts and entertainment events happening in the city. You’ve got no excuse to be out of the loop!

From the radio world, Jason Lacour (AKA J-Lac) of K-Rock made us bust a gut, and Media Relations Officer Cst. Geoffrey Higdon filled me in on how the RNC uses social media to engage the public and make our communities safer. Who said social media is a waste of time, #amiright? Speaking of communities, adventurer, explorer and documentarian Justin Barbour was in to talk about his travels across the province. You GOTTA check out his sick work!

Biz Women

I was SO lucky to hang out with some of the fiercest women in this city’s arts and entertainment biz! Kilbride Music’s Michelle Robertson dropped in for some real talk on what it’s like to be an Artist Manager in #YYT, and painter/entrepreneur Brenda Rowe stopped by to chat about some of the work she does on the daily. And I’m sure you’ve all heard Stephanie O’Brien, co-host of OZFM’s The Morning Rush, serenade you into work in the morning? Well, she’s just as fun in-person and we had sommme laugh!

From the stage, my friend Kathie Hicks, CEO of Spirit of Newfoundland, was in to talk about the ins and outs of co-owning a dinner theatre in the city of legends, and the mighty Director Terri Andrews shed some light on what the future has in store for her powerhouse company, TaDa! Events.  

Ever grateful to have superstar Kristina Kearney, President of the Business Association of NL stop by, and allllll the way from Mount Pearl, Frosty Festival’s Megan Drodge told us all about this killer multi-day event, which just celebrated its 36th year.

The future is female, b’ys, and I’m stoked about it!


And what a savage lineup of performers we had! Singer/songwriter and 3-time MusicNL Award-winner Steve Maloney stopped by and talked about his big year, which saw the release of a brand new album. Jacob Critch and the crowd from Soap Opera were in and blew us away with their music (and made me feel reeeeally old).

From the theatre world, Dana Parsons and Peter Halley of Atlantic Light Theatre performed a scene from Guys and Dolls, and Kara Noftle and Gita Wigdorchik of TaDa! Events did a number from RENT. Nah, no talent in this town.

Tune in next time

To get the full scoop on everything I covered these past two months on Out of the Fog, find the episodes below and online at Rogers TV. And don’t forget to tune in every Thursday on Channel 9! Get in touch for more details.

BTW: We’re always down to have people swing by our Kenmount Road Studio to sit in on a taping of the show. If you wanna check it out, drop me a line:


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