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Overcast Love

You need to know that we are big lovers of our biz and art communities. It just comes natural and we hope you show love where you can. It takes a lot to make a business really work, ya know?

The Overcast is the downtown almanac we pick up and turn to for what’s happing in the A1C and beyond. Recently they did a survey of best of’s and we wanted to take a sec to throw bouquets to a few brands we love:

  • Brianna Gosse – Best Local Singer (Female) runner-up
  • Nickel Independent Film Festival – Best Local Film Festival runner-up
  • Mallard Cottage – Best Brunch Spot in Town, Best New Restaurant in St. John’s, Best Dining Experience in Town runner-up, Best Place to Take a Date runner-up, Best Caesar in Town runner-up, Best Hot Chocolate in Town runner-up
  • Happy Camper International Eats – Best Food Truck in Town
  • Blue on Water – Best Cocktails in Town runner-up, Best Hotel in Town runner-up
  • Wh!nk – Best Place to Buy Women’s Hats & Accessories runner-up, Best Place for Casual Jewellery in Town, Best Place for Fancy Jewellery in Town
  • Moksha Yoga – Best Yoga Spot in Town
  • Soothe Downtown Spa – Best Spa in Town runner-up, Best Massage in Town
  • Dave Lane – Best City Councillor Town

And then, there’s us who placed for Best Aesthetically Pleasing Design House. Very well Perfect Day – you may have won this round, but I think there’s still something I like to call “the swimsuit competition”. I kid. ;)

There’s nothing better then to see so many hard working local businesses and their dedicated teams find their way into the hearts and minds of our local supports.

With a big-box-threat on the rise, we need to remember how important our small business community is. CFIB has a great national initiative called Small Business Saturday. Learn more about it :)

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