Melissa Hogan
Marketing Lessons from Chanel

It’s no secret that I love fashion, or in the words of my father, I’m a clotheshorse. I’m a Taurus - I can’t help it that I love beautiful things. You can keep your basketball - every spring I have my own Final Four: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Fashion weeks, that is. Paris just... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
How to Nail YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Something amazing was passed around the design house last week. No, it wasn’t a stomach bug. It was Geico’s latest YouTube pre-roll ads. And they. Are. Wicked. It’s the world’s worst kept secret that view through rates on those skippable YouTube ads are atrocious. Something like 85 per... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Dc presents: Havin’ a Bald

A short story about the hair over here. I'm shaving my head. Holy shit. Now I'm not one to curse (total lie) but I really wanna make sure you know how I feel about this. Shaving one's head – especially after having undergone certain "elective procedures" to keep your hair – can be hard.... [ keep reading ]